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Governors                       Appointed/Elected by                         Start/End     
James Handley                 Ex Officio - Headteacher                   14.05.2019 - ongoing


Jill Skidmore                       (Chair) Authority                                  26.09.2020 - 25.09.2024


Elaine Chapman                 Staff                                                  20.07.2021 - 19.07.2025

Jennie Bradley                  Foundation                                     13.02.2020 - 12.02.2024


Mary Teeboon                    Foundation (Parent)                              27.01.2023 - 26.01.2027


Cat Labio                         Foundation                                     20.01.2020 - 19.01.2024

John Saynor                      Foundation                                     13.02.2020 - 12.02.2024

Sarah Fletcher                   Parent                                            08.10.2020 - 07.10.2024

Sam Limer                        Foundation/Trustee                           19.07.2022 - 18.07.2026

Margaret Slyfield               Foundation Ex Officio - Vicar               08.03.2023 - 07.03.2027

Vacancy                            Parent                   

Vacancy                          Foundation

Caroline Parsons               Clerk to the Governors                       01.04.2021  - ongoing

Minutes from Federation Governor Meetings

The role of Governors

The role of the governing board is a strategic one, its key functions are to:

  • set the aims and objectives for the school

  • set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives

  • set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives

  • monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives

  • be a source of challenge and support to the headteacher (a critical friend)

The headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the governing board.


(Taken from the National Governance Association)


Key responsibilities governing bodies should perform in order to fulfill their statutory duties



  1. Promote pupil attainment in all areas

  2. Promote improvements in pupil attainment

  3. Improve assessed pupil progress in English and maths

  4. Make effective use of pupil premium funding to close the attainment gap

  5. Meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs (SEND)

  6. Promote the highest possible standards of pupil behaviour

  7. Ensure the provision of appropriate sex education

  8. Ensure the provision of extra-curricular activities



  1. Ensure all the necessary child protection procedures are in place

  2. Oversee pupil admission arrangements

  3. Oversee the implementation of a home school agreement

  4. Oversee vigorous and effective teacher appraisal



  1. Ensure pay arrangements for all staff are cost effective and fair

  2. Provide the best possible staff, at all levels, throughout school

  3. Conduct the headteacher’s performance management



  1. Guarantee that all aspects of the school’s finances are properly managed

  2. Guarantee that all the relevant health and safety procedures are implemented

  3. Provide and maintain the highest possible quality of buildings and facilities

  4. Oversee the implementation of fair and effective complaints and grievance procedures.

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