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School fund

Like many schools today, parental contributions to the School Fund are much appreciated and gratefully received. This is calculated at £1 a week and can be paid via ParentPay in instalments or all at once, as you prefer. This money is used to subsidise trips and visits as well as supplying junior children with a piece of fruit each day.

Last year our children were able to enjoy many trips without then need for school requesting additional contributions from parents. Whilst this may not always be the case in the event that some experiences or attractions may be more expensive, many parents have found that by donating a little each week helps to minimise the financial impact  and avoids that 'all at once' feeling when school trips are arranged.


If you find you need to send money or forms to school, please ensure ALL money is sent in an envelope, clearly marked with your child's name, the amount enclosed and what it is for, on the outside of the envelope. Envelopes and forms should be posted in the black postbox in the office.

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