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Information about the full reopening of school in September 2020

Information about the Full Opening of School in September (as of 18.7.20)


Please read the information below carefully. We may update this, if required, before the beginning of term, which starts on Thursday 3rd September 2020.


The DfE guidance about full opening covers two areas:

  1. Prevention with a focus on: minimising contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring that those who have coronavirus symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does, do not attend school; cleaning hands thoroughly more often than usual; ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach; introducing enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often.
  2. We have also been given clear guidance about what measures to take if there is a suspected or identified case of Covid-19 in school. We have been following these guidelines closely since March whilst open and I will share the detail of this before the beginning of term. If you would like to read it before then, please follow this link:

Our School Plans



From September, our children will be organised into 3 bubbles, a bubble per class, with minimal interaction across bubbles. As far as is possible, the groups will be kept apart from each other across the school site. They will be taught in their own classrooms, play in dedicated zones on the playground and use the hall at different times. We will try to minimise multi-bubble access to toilet facilities with Class 1 using what used to be the boys’ toilets in the upper block, Class 2 using what used to be the girls’ toilets in the upper block and Class 3 continuing to use both the girls’ and boys’ toilets near the hall. In case of emergency at lunchtime, other children may access the hall toilets.


Social Distancing Within Bubbles.

The DfE has recognised that strict social distancing will not always be possible, especially with primary-aged pupils. The guidance specifically states “we recognise that younger children will not be able to maintain social distancing, and it is acceptable for them not to distance within their group.” Where appropriate, desks will face forwards and children will sit side by side. The DfE has accepted that children will need to be sitting close to each other in most classrooms.


The DfE has stated that children passing each other briefly in a corridor or playground is relatively low risk, but we will have measures in place to avoid large groups of children mixing together in these spaces by using different doors into and out of the buildings, zoning the playground etc.

Plan B: Remote Learning

Schools are also being asked to prepare a ‘Plan B’, i.e. arrangements to allow remote learning (sometimes referred to as ‘blended learning’) to take place should a partial or full closure of the school be required at any point in the next academic year. We will use similar systems to those arranged over the past few months to support home-based learning for children if needed.


Other important measures

The DfE has said that teachers are permitted to move between bubbles if needed. In our setting, this will enable the sports coaches to work in school whilst socially distancing as much as possible.


Hygiene - Strict handwashing routines and hygiene measures will be in place. Please ask your child to wash their hands before leaving home to come to school; they will then wash them again on entry to the site and at regular intervals during the day.


Hygiene - It would be most helpful to us, in order to support our social distancing and hygiene measures, if you could teach your child to wipe/blow their noses and tie their shoelaces independently.

Our cleaning routines and systems will comply with government guidance; we are increasing the cleaning hours on site to include a midday clean as a temporary measure.


There will be no whole school assemblies for the time being. We will hold class-based or virtual assemblies to share our assembly messages.


Uniform - Our normal uniform policy will be reinstated from September. Please ensure your child can manage their uniform independently i.e.. No tricky belts or buttons. We will support our youngest children as best we can, but most children should be able to dress independently including putting their coat on and fastening shoes.


Lunchtimes will be slightly staggered to enable distancing between groups. Class 1 and 2 will eat in two separate sittings in the dining hall, Class 3 will be eating in their classroom. Midday supervisors will be allocated to each bubble.


Resources that are shared between classes, such as sports, art and science equipment will be cleaned frequently and meticulously between use by different groups.


Outdoor play equipment will be more frequently cleaned and hand railings will be cleaned daily.


The amount of equipment children bring into school each day will be limited to essentials only, such as lunch boxes, water bottles, hats, coats, school books and PE kit. Book bags will be allowed.


Physical Education will take place outdoors whenever possible. Please provide joggers and suitable footwear for this.


Keeping In Touch

Parents and carers will be permitted on site from September 2020 but we strongly encourage Key Stage 2 aged children (Year 3 upwards) to enter the site independently. Parents of infants (Reception and Key Stage 1) are asked to ‘drop/collect and go’ rather than gathering on site. Only children and staff members will be permitted inside the buildings: infant children should be left at the class/porch door. Our start and finish times will be slightly staggered to promote social distancing. Please see table below. Siblings may arrive at the earliest slot. Children should enter the classrooms straight away and wash hands ready for registration. We ask you to observe social distancing at and around the school gate. We would like to encourage as many families as possible to walk to school and are exploring a reward system for children who do so. Further details to follow in September.


Staggered Start / Finish times.

Arrive Finish – Collect from the gate

Class 1 - Arrive 9.00am. Collect - 3.00pm

Class 2 - Arrive 8.50am. Collect - 3.10pm

Class 3 - Arrive 8.40am. Collect - 3.20pm

If you have siblings in different classes please arrive at the earliest arrival slot and collect at the latest.


First aid will be administered by qualified staff within the bubbles allocated except in an emergency when a member of staff trained in paediatric First Aid may be called upon.


Breakfast club, and Art and Craft Club, both run by the Peaks Preschool, will restart in September. The children will be placed in 3 zones of the hall dependent on their bubble and socially distant from each other. We are still in discussion with Chris Hill Community Sports to provide sporting after school activities in a covid safe manner and further information will be sent out as soon as possible.