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Peak Dale Primary School

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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


School Curriculum


Class 1

Class One is an active and engaging learning environment for our Reception and Year 1 children. We provide a friendly and caring environment for our pupils where they can feel secure and happy as we believe this is when children learn at their best. Children learn most effectively by experience and ‘doing’, so we provide hands-on activities and experiences that aim to stimulate the children’s imagination and extend their use of language. Through play based learning, the children are encouraged to discover, practice and refine skills in all areas of the curriculum, particularly Personal and Social Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. We aim to build our topics according to the children’s interests; this year some of our topics have been Dinosaurs and The Ice Age.  


Class 2

In Class 2 we aim to provide an exciting and stimulating curriculum tailored to the needs of individual children whilst satisfying the demands of the National Curriculum. There are lots of opportunities for the children to help define the choice of half-termly topics to ensure they are stimulated and motivated.


Our topics in the academic year 2018-19  will include:


  • Famous authors
  • The U.K.
  • Ancient Egyptians
  • Forces including magnetism and physical processes


Our creative curriculum includes enrichment activities and first-hand experiences to help children make key links between subjects and to apply and extend their understanding of vital literacy and numeracy skills. There is flexibility built into our timetabling in order to ensure that we can respond positively to the children’s learning.


Our overall aim in Class 2 is to raise the self-esteem of our children so that they approach their work with confidence and develop a life-long enthusiasm for learning. 



Class 3
In Class 3 we teach all the Year 5 and 6 pupils in the school. We want to deliver the National Curriculum in as engaging a way as possible and we want to make learning fun whenever we can. That’s why we choose topics that we believe will inspire and engage the children. Recent topics have been:


  • 1901 – 1939;
  • Food Through the Centuries;
  • From one Extreme to the Other.


We fit the National Curriculum subjects into these topics where possible and also teach some subjects /objectives separately. Our teaching of Maths is supported by our detailed Calculation Policy. We have excellent access to computers so we often use ICT as part of our learning experiences. We organise trips to support understanding and enjoyment of the curriculum. For example, we went to York to visit the Jorvik Museum and The Dig when we were learning about Vikings and how they lived. Class 3’s teacher is very enthusiastic about her job and she is keen to take on new ideas that will help her class enjoy school, feel safe and happy within it, and reach their potential.