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Peak Dale Primary School

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From September, our children will be organised into 3 bubbles, a bubble per class, with minimal interaction across bubbles. As far as is possible, the groups will be kept apart from each other across the school site. They will be taught in their own classrooms, play in dedicated zones on the playground and use the hall at different times. We will try to minimise multi-bubble access to toilet facilities with Class 1 using what used to be the boys’ toilets in the upper block, Class 2 using what used to be the girls’ toilets in the upper block and Class 3 continuing to use both the girls’ and boys’ toilets near the hall. In case of emergency at lunchtime, other children may access the hall toilets.


Social Distancing Within Bubbles.

The DfE has recognised that strict social distancing will not always be possible, especially with primary-aged pupils. The guidance specifically states “we recognise that younger children will not be able to maintain social distancing, and it is acceptable for them not to distance within their group.” Where appropriate, desks will face forwards and children will sit side by side. The DfE has accepted that children will need to be sitting close to each other in most classrooms.


The DfE has stated that children passing each other briefly in a corridor or playground is relatively low risk, but we will have measures in place to avoid large groups of children mixing together in these spaces by using different doors into and out of the buildings, zoning the playground etc.



Class 1 - Mrs Tierney supported by Mrs Mellor, Mrs Crisp and Miss Sheldon.

Class 2 - Ms Gilroy supported by Mrs Tighe and Mrs Murray.

Class 3 - Miss Ramsay supported by Mrs Owen, Mrs Butler and Mrs Kenworthy.


The DfE has said that teachers are permitted to move between bubbles if needed. In our setting, this will enable the sports coaches to work in school whilst socially distancing as much as possible.